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Loom Rubber Bands - 4800 pc Rubber Band Refill Mega Value Pack with Clips (Rainbow Colors - 600 each of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, and Orange) -  100% Compatible with all Looms

Rainbow Loom Bands are hard to find, but loom bands makes it easy! Loom Bands are high quality, 1.5MM thick, and 100% compatible with Rainbow Loom and Fun Loom and all rubber band making jewelry kits. Available in more than 2 dozen colors, you will save when you buy Loom Bands * Loom Bands are fully compatible with but NOT affiliated with Rainbow Loom, a registered trademark of Choon Designs LLC.


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200 Colored S clips for Loom Bands 50 of each rainbow Colors Neon Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green Each color Individually packed.

200 Pack of Colored S Clips for connecting loom band bracelets. Works well with all loom band kits. Make fun rubber band bracelets and other jewelry!


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GOODIE LOOMS-Rainbow Loom Bands Refills-Glow in the Dark PREMIUM Loom Bands Refill Bag**1000+ Glow In The Dark Rubber Bands, 48 S-Clips, 30% OFF LIMITED TIME ONLY! Money Back Guarantee if Not Satisfied

The Goodie Looms Refill Bags contain 1000+ Glow in the dark loom bands to create eye popping bracelets and jewelry that kids love

Made of the finest quality silicone and latex free. These are not the sub standard bands you see on the rest of the market. Kids can create whatever they can imagine

The Goodie Looms Refill Bag includes 24 S clips to create 24 different bracelets and tons of charms

Highest Quality Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product

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GOODIE LOOMS- Colorful Rainbow Loom Band Kit- 80% OFF!! -The Only Kit on the Market with the Adjustable Loom and Glow In The Dark Bands- Glow in the Dark Bands, & Tool- Create Patterns As Seen Online & Youtube- Money Back Guarantee if Not Satisfied

Looking for a creative toy to keep your kids occupied for hours?

- The possibilities are endless with a colorful rainbow loom band kit. Kids can create everything from necklaces, bracelets or whatever their imaginations can come up with.
- The Goodie Looms kit is the only kit with an adjustable loom board so kids can make any bracelet possible from any instructional video.

- Loom band kits have the loom band board, s-clips, loom tool, loom bands, and a place for storage so that the bands do not get scattered everywhere.

This is The Hottest Toy Out Right Now

-The loom band kits are a creative and affordable gift choice for kids.
-There is an unlimited amount of content on the internet to create hundreds of different types of bracelets.

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Loom Kit ... 600 Multi-color Band,Loom Board + Clips (6 Charms Included)

Make super fun to wear rubber band bracelets and more! Step by step instruction is provided in the package. Rubber band colors may vary from pictures


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1 Day Sale 25% OFF - The Ultimate Rainbow Loom Deluxe Super Pack Complete with 1800 Rubber Bands and Funky Charms - 3 Types of Magical Colorful Rainbow Bands - Create Awesome Bracelet Designs with this Original Craft Kit -The Perfect gift for Kids



- Authentic loom components.
- No sharp edges-complies with Toy Safety Standards.
- Makes up to 72 bracelets.
- Sturdy box design - Ideal for storing kit contents.

Twist Bandz Mania Loom kits are manufactured from highly durable materials which will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages!


Twist Bandz Mania kits are packed to capacity!!

- 1800+ rubberbands,
- 75 C-clips.
- Assorted charms - Charm types may vary from those shown in the photographs.

Backed by a full, no hassle free replacement guarantee against defects.

SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY Qstar Innovations. Beware of imitations!

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Refill Bands & Clips Mixed Colors (GLOW In The DARK)

Latex free rubber bands for Rainbow Loom. Includes: 600+ rubber bands and S-clips. Makes up to 24 rubber band bracelets.


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Loom & Band Organizer and Travel Case with Handle- Fits Rainbow Loom Base or Cra-z-loom, and Over 7,500 Rubber Bands, Charms and Replacement Picks- Clear Plastic Storage Boxes Join Together to Double Capacity-crazy Fun! (Made in Usa!)

The Loom & Band Organizer and Travel Case is an ideal accessory for both Cra-Z-LoomTM and Rainbow Loom® owners. - up to 16 individual and adjustable compartments to separate and organize - holds over 6000 elastic bands, charms, connectors, loom and picks - two cases can be joined together to double your storage capacity Works with the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom and Most Other Popular Looms Available While similar products are designed to fit only one brand of loom, this unique organizer is designed to hold either the Cra-Z-LoomTM, Rainbow Loom® or many other of the most popular loom available and still keep everything secured inside. The Organizer and Travel Case sets itself apart from others in its durable construction. - made in the USA of durable clear plastic - Prolatch system keeps everything inside safe and secure - easy to grip handle makes it easy to carry your loom kit with you Lifetime Guarantee


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6000 Pieces Rubber Band Refill Mega Value Pack with Clips (Rainbow Colors 600 each of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, and Orange) - 100% Compatible with all Looms

Rubber Loom Bands Kit - 6000 pc Rubber Band Bracelet Refill Pack with Clips (Rainbow Colors - 600 each of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, and Orange) - 100% Compatible with all Looms


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